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Meet Cindy

The Chinchilla/Ragdoll/Manx
Helene Young Gold Coast

Our beautiful cat Cindy, has a lot of personality.

She is a very affectionate cat who is always happy to give us cuddles and receive them.

Whenever I have the camera out, she is ready to pose for me! She loves having her photo taken.

She is 15 years old but looks a lot younger.

She is playful and friendly. Whenever someone needs a little lovin' or is sick, she immediately senses it and puts her paw on their face as if to say " Everything will be o

15 years old
Baby and Cinderella
Cuddles and more cuddles and sneaking under the blankets and getting all cosy.
The vacuum cleaner! And loud noises.
Favorite Foods
Roo mince, and any cooked meat or chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting out on the rocks on the river, and posing for the camera, just like she is doing in this photo.

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