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Meet Jynx

The Bengal Cat/Tabby
Ashley and Spencer San Diego

Jynx is my 1 year old Bengal Tabby mix, he is a huge character and loves his family. Jynx loves crinkly plastic toys and chasing bugs! Jynx also has a mate her name is Medusa Flowers and she is a Tabby/Ragdoll mix, which we plan on breeding as soon as she is old enough! Jynx is very photogenic and has unbelievable eyes for the camera!

1 year
Jynxy Boy, Poppa, and Kitty Man
Tuna, crinkle toys, treats, and his family
Loud noises and any other fish then tuna!
Favorite Foods
Tuna, chicken, and turkey
Favorite Pastimes
Jynx has a very specific meow and we LOVE it!

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