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Meet Sampson

The Orange
Laila Barker Langley, BC

Sampson is 11 years old. He enjoys eating pumpkin, other veggies, and patrolling the garden. His favourite toys are ponytail holders and small stuffed animals he treats as his babies. Sampson has a real penchant for people food and trys to get his paws on anything we are eating. He loves lasagna and he also raids the neighbours vegetable garden for beans and whatever herbs may be growing. He has a big personality and won't hesitate to let you know how he is feeling by either giving you a

Sam, Sammy,The House Hobo, Orange Beast,
people food: yogurt, cottage cheese, lasagna, pizza, basil, cheeses, herbs. Toys: ponytail holders, small plush toys, ping pong balls. Likes to scratch furniture. Likes to watch people shower. Likes getting scratches and giving out kisses.
Having a bath, people wearing hats, brooms, vacuums, babies, pigeons, teeth brusghin.
Favorite Foods
Lasagna, basil, herbs in general, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, prawns, beef,cantaloupe, fish, chicken, anything we are eating that he doesn't have.
Favorite Pastimes
Looking out the window, rolling on the cement, playing hide and seek, kneading blankets, watching people chop vegetables.

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