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Meet Kike

The Maine Coon
Janis Salcfas Lake Hughes CA

Kike (Kee-Kay) is a 3 year old rescue with a personality like none other! She's got the prettiest mane and fluffiest tail, with the puff-iest set of bloomers you ever saw. She loves to play outdoors in her kitty enclosure with her brother Cooper and sister Rosie, but her most favorite place is on the very top shelf of her kitty condo so she can survey all of her kingdom (queendom?) from corner to corner. She's not an overly affectionate cat but she does have her moments. She'll ke

Playing outdoors in her enclosure, playing in water, and chasing the feather wand.
loud noises
Favorite Foods
Chicken Breast, Tuna, Fancy Feast with gravy.
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing Cooper, climbing, running and sleeping

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