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Meet Miss Moana

The Rescued stray
Candice Povall Empangeni, South Africa

This is my princess, she got here name MOANA because from small her mouth was always open and moaning. She moews, moans and groans when shes picked up, doesnt get what she wants or just to let me know shes still there etc. 

2 years
Miss Moo, Moo Moo, Tinkerbell, tink-tinks.
Bob Martin Duck pouches and to suckle on her blankey, anything with feathers. To rub her face "hard" with your hands from her mouth to her ears.
To be touched when shes grumpy, other animals in her property - or anywhere near her actually
Favorite Foods
Bob Martin Duck flavored pouches
Favorite Pastimes
Laying in the garden, licking her feathery toys, tickling mums nose and face with her fluffy tail

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