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Meet Leo

The DSH Ginger & White Tabby
Kristie Sydney, Australia

This is Leo, who lives the life of luxury in Penrith, western Sydney, Australia, with his mummy and grandparents and - dare we say it - A DOG.

Leo is a real king; a frustrated lion in a little cat's body. Leo's mother always says he is her REAL boss - not the man she actually earns money from!

Leo is a big boy, with a very high pitched, very LOUD meow, that almost sounds musical at times which is why one of his nicknames is Bagpipes or Pipes.

Leo's Facebook

Leo the Lion, Binny, Bagpipes, Pipes, The Boss
Posing for the camera (at his discretion), lazing around outside
Being cuddled for long periods of time
Favorite Foods
Tuna, milk, and Hill's biscuits
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling his mummy's dressing gown, eating, sleeping, singing and talking

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