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Meet Wally

The Domestic Shorthair
Chelsea Tartarini Denver, CO

Wally’s previous owners gave him up for apparently having “potty issues”; which he’s had none since he left their care, neither at the shelter or here with us. So it was either an excuse, poor upkeep of his litter box, or his way of crying out for attention since he had lived with cats and dogs and children. We’re not sure how long he had been at the shelter before we adopted him; we had no idea he was even there to be honest. He was living in a colony at the Dum

6 1/2 years
Super Wally, because he's Superman
Licking water off of the tile in the shower, food, sleeping under the covers, catnip, kitty sack
The vacuum, being left out, being disturbed while kneading, the front door
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin GI Prescription, and Royal Canin Special 33
Favorite Pastimes
He loves cuddling, especially in the bed or when I'm on the computer. He leaps into Super Wally action when the shower is on so he can lick the tile. And he loves just being Super Wally.

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