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Meet Bella

The Calico Mix
Sara Carol Stream, IL

Bella was adopted from Magnificant Mutts Rescue in October 2011. Since I adopted her, she has been nothing but a blessing. She loves to roll around on the carpet, which we have now designiated as the "wiggle worm". She loves food, both cat and human. I don't feed her scraps but if I walk away from a plate, it's fair game. She loves to snuggle under the covers and play with her fish toys. She is a big talker. Always meowing or purring. She especially loves her cat tree. She l

1 and 4 months
Bella-Boo, Baby Bella
Catnip filled mice, fish on a stick, feathers, belly rubs
The doorbell, the vaccumm
Favorite Foods
catnip flavored treats, ham
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, climbing on things, snuggling

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