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Meet Monkey Suit

The Bengal
Nicole Phoenix

This is my Bengal, Monkey Suit. He showed up on my patio hungry and skinny one evening so I fed him. The second that I opened my patio door he ran right inside, snuggled down on my couch and growled at my other cats before he took a nap. I never had the heart to put him back outside. He is an incurable curmudgeon and he has totally captured my heart with his trust and love for me, and only me. ;)

Woobie, Puffaloon, Bunkey
nipnanas, stray Skittles, laundry baskets, hissing for no reason
Water, having his paws touched and everyone but Mom
Favorite Foods
All the yummy canned noms (He had almost all his teeth pulled after he found me. Someone didnt take good care of him...)
Favorite Pastimes

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