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Meet Luca

The Domestic Short Hair
Annette Lineberger Oakdale, CA

This little boy (Luca) and his sister (Bella), arrived at my house late one night.  They were approximentely 3 weeks old. They were quite hungry and dirty but I fell instantly in love with them.  They are a part of the family now along with 4 other kitties.  They are now about 7 months old.  They  jump and bounce around the house like no other kitties I've ever had.  Almost like bouncing balls. They have beautiful coats and hearts full of love!  Best of

Seven months old
Nuzzling around my face.
Loud noises
Favorite Foods
Canned food mixed with fresh chicken cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
Running around around the house at super speeds, up and down their cat house and love their toys!

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