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Photo Contest

Meet Nipsy

The Russian Blue
Erica Savannah, Ga

Nipsy is a one of a kind cat. She has always been photogenic. Through her years of posing for my addiction of taking pictures of her, she knows how to model very well. She is loving, sometimes groutchy as every cat is, and is the epitomy of the perfect cat. She is grey and it seems like in different lighting, her soft fur changes from light to dark and brings out her beauty. Though she is getting on the older side, her heart is yet still as young as when I saved her from a local humane societ

people, sleeping
being alone, water
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast, Meow Mix
Favorite Pastimes
climbing up my 11ft Christmas tree causing it to fall and breaking 2 lamps, and tons of ornaments, waking up in the middle of the night to her purring in my face, wanting to be petted

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