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Meet Baby

The I think she may be a Maine Coon mix, not 100% sure
Nicole and Tim Hamilton

This is my sweet Baby girl.  She got the name because when we first adopted her and brought her home she was the baby of the family, being we had 2 older cats also, so the name just stuck.  Her favorite things to do are cuddling with her mommy and following mommy around and watching birds from the window and of course napping and eating lots of treaties!  She is just as sweet as she is pretty and has a signature LOUD purr that I love!  Black cats are my favorite and I thin

Approx. 3 and 1/2
Babygirl, Baba, Fluff fluff, Pretty girl, Little mama
Naps, laying on anything paper, her mommy, belly rubs
Not getting ALL the attention!
Favorite Foods
Kit and Kaboole dry food, Fancy feast any variety, chicken pieces, tuna, anything mommy is eating at the time
Favorite Pastimes
Being with her mommy, playing with her sisters, sitting in windows, eating, climbing to high hiding spots

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