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Meet Zellie

The Calico shorthair
Terry Walker Waterloo, WI

Zellie was adopted from the humane shelter. Her and her 2 'sister' cats are the most outgoing dog loving cats I've ever met. We have a routine in the morning before I go to work. As I'm leaving she has to have a hug, where she puts her paws on either side of my neck.  I happen to catch this as she was sunning on my bed. Made it look like she was having a 1 on 1 with the Lord.

Zell-Zell, Zelly zu zu
squeaky mouse, bunny kicking her toys, sunning in the window
mom going to work, the other cats asking for my attention when shes getting hers.
Favorite Foods
canned, any kind
Favorite Pastimes
racing thru the house with her cat sisters at all hours of the night.

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