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Meet Molly

Laurie Blair Chester, Connecticut

The call came in from my vet's office on a Friday: "We just had a kid bring in this little tiny kitten he found, and we need someone to take care of her over the weekend!"  I had just lost the feline love of my life Beau, and wasn't interested in pet ownership again so soon, but I agreed to take the kitten for the weekend as the vet's office would be closed.  She was really a baby -- about a month old if that, still on formula (though not from a bottle) and in

Molly Anne, Moll-eah, Jolly Molly, Moll-Doll
Sitting in the windows, tiny toy mice, rolling on the floor, short supervised backyard jaunts with Mom
Getting brushed (funny girl!), hearing a dog bark, going to the vet,thunderstorms
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast canned -- anything in gravy -- and IAMS dry, as well as samples of anything Mom might be cooking
Favorite Pastimes
Knocking stuff off Mom's nightstand, "helping" Mom make the bed, hunting for mice and moles in the cellar

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