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Meet Dexter

The Domestic Medium Hair
Carolyn Kristof Kingsley, MI

Dex is one of the 3 blogging "Cherry City Kitties" livin' the good life in the mitten of Michigan.  His mother was hit by a car so he was a hand raised rescue kitty and has yet to meet a human he didn't go belly up for!  Dexter is into energy work like massage, Reiki, flower essences and any type of sparkley crystal or stone.  He likes to do what he can to help raise awareness (and $) for feline rescue groups and kitties in need.  He's a Ginger and he

Giant Puma Kitten, Dee, Dex
Belly rubs, nip, blogging, crystals, being petted in every way!
hmmmm....can't think of much besides one brand of catfood that shall remain nameless
Favorite Foods
Dried Salmon treats, Greenies
Favorite Pastimes
Sunpuddle snoozing, playing in bags and boxes, getting an energy treatment, chasing after whatever toy my brother is...

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