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Meet Miles D. Cat

The Domestic Shorthair
Becky & Tom Joliet

Miles is quite the big, sweet, cuddly beast....and he sure knows how to be comfortable no matter what the circumstances!

Schnubs, Tubs o' Love
Food, Catnip, Cuddling with my 'little sister' Trixie
Thunderstorms, the noise toy Light Sabres make, oh, and I hate it when Trixie gets mad at me for eating her food (it's not like she was eating it anyways!).
Favorite Foods
My humans have to keep anything with sugar in it well hidden from me or I will go through great lenghts to eat it. I also LOVE my cat food and treats (and my sister's too)!
Favorite Pastimes
Hanging out in the window & watching the neighbor cats, eating bugs, napping with my humans, exploring the garage, trying to open doors with my paws.

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