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Meet harley

The domestic short hair
lisa berridge the streets

harley is a big, old softy.  he's the most chilled out cat you'll ever meet and he sure has a way with the ladies.. am i right?!

he'll plunk himself down whenever he wants a cuddle (which is most of the time) and especially whenever you are trying to get work done.  desks mean cuddle time in his world. 

he gets along with everyone and everything.  i have never seen him get angry or hostile except for when he's in a car.  

9 ish
harles barkley, barley bear,
he likes having people around and parties. if he was human he would be will ferrell in old school.
car rides, he cries like a little girl.
Favorite Foods
he will eat anything and everything
Favorite Pastimes
purring and looking in garbage cans

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