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Meet karmah

The tuxedo
Natalie Webb albertsons parking lot
I rescued karmah in a parking lot about a year and a half ago. It only took some love to get him back in healthy shape again. He has an amazing personality for a cat..he plays with my pit bull, he loves to go outside , roll in the dirt, catch lizards..you might mistake him from a dog haha he's a sweet cat that i have been blessed with and we have forever changed eachothers lives. :) <3
karmahtron, baby,kitty,stinker
going outside on a daily basis.. catching lizards, rolling in dirt, sun bathing, and meowing to go outside if im not!!
lots of people around..not getting my way haha
Favorite Foods
cat food!! (he's not fed any human food)
Favorite Pastimes
first time catching a lizard...

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