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Meet BK

CG Coleman New Rochelle, NY

My 16 year old cat doesn't go anywhere without her stuffed mouse.  I find it by her food bowl, the water bowl, the litterbox and her cuddle cup.  Once it was missing for over a week and I thought she was going to lose it.  We looked all over and finally found it.  She gave us all licks in thanks and since then has kept a better eye on it.  Unfortunatly it might be the only of its kind since it was a promotional item for cosequin  by Nutramax.  I brought

16 year
Beez, Beezekitty, Beekeee
Food and stuffed gray mouse
Bratty kittens
Favorite Foods
She has kidney issues so she eats K/D only
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping in her cuddle cup, watching TV with me

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