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Meet Walker

The Tabby
Elizabeth and Bob Lynnwood, WA

Walker is an extremely affectionate, loving cat who has been a member of our family since Labour Day 2010.  We acquired him from the Seattle Humane Society and it didn't take long for him to get used to his new home.  He loves sitting on his blanket on my husband's lap and can do so for hours at a time.  He starts curled up then will stretch out fully and when we rub his tummy, his rolls over with floppy paws and purrs loudly.  Walker also loves to be on my lap whe

5 1/2
Wonderful Walker's Shortbread (Walker's Shortbread is a Scottish cookie that is sold in England and Canada)
tummy rubs, blanket time, lap time, being petted, having his ears scratched and jowls rubbed
vacuums, his carrier, riding in the car
Favorite Foods
Friskies Meaty Bits and Gourmet Grill, Kit 'n' Kaboodle Dry Food
Favorite Pastimes
being close to us, looking out of the window and running around the house

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