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Meet Cukis

The Ragdoll

Cukis is a Blue Bi-Color Ragdoll who I rescued from a couple that had her in a dark garage all by herself. There are just three words to describe Cukis - SWEET, SWEET, SWEET. She's very talkative and we have grand conversations together because I answer her and she answers back, and so it goes. She gives me little tiny kisses on the mouth when I ask her and she sleeps curled up near my stomach at night. She doesn't like to be held for very long but when she sees me with a tissue in on

Amorcito. Princess. Corazon.
Belly rubs, butt scratches and being combed under her chin with her steel comb. Sitting next to me on the arm rest of the sofa.
Being held for too long.
Favorite Foods
Not a big eater.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with wrapped hard candy. She has tons of other toys but only likes the candy. Go figure. Hahaha

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