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Meet Bailey

The Siamese and Ragdoll Mix
Amanda Olszewski Macomb, Michigan

Miss Bailey Marie is one of the sweetest little thing that you will ever meet. I thank god every day that I have the honor of caring for her and calling her mine. She is the most absolute precious friend who showers me with love all day and every day. She plays fetch at the oddest times and cuddles up to me when I need it the most. She is special because she shares a birthday with my angel above, my mother.  She has the tiniest paws and the cutest nose.  She has endless energy

Boo Boo Bailey, My Little Girl
Loves to play, loves to play fetch with her balls and Loves to suck on her mommas right earlope when tired.
When she is nervous around new people, her eyes go crossed.
Favorite Foods
Deli Turkey, Snatching some bread as I feed the birds
Favorite Pastimes
Playing and watching the birds sitting on my lap on the front porch

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