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Meet Cosmo and Gracie

The tom cats
Tonia Sturgis, Mi

Being from two different litters, these boys sure do love one another.  Gracie is more like a human than any other cat I know.  He has to be tucked under the blankets beside me, his head resting on my pillow.  Cosmo is more laid back and comes around "when he feels like it".  All in all I am proud to say that these are my cats.  Whether I get the votes or not I am still a proud cat owner.

gracie is 4 and cosmo is 3
cosmopolitan,and fatty grace
human food, straws, human food....and more human food LOL
they both love everything, I honestly cannot think of one thing they dislike.
Favorite Foods
meat, popcorn, soft cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating

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