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Meet GiGi

The Himalayan
Maria-Christina Roti Vaughan, ON

Meet GiGi, The most lovable, well trained beautiful cat. Really we have never owned a cat that loves being around people and shows affection as much as he does. If you are ever in a bad mood this angel will make your day a whole lot better. GiGi loves to be held. He places his legs around your torso and arms around your neck. The feeling is undescribale, it is so warm and loving. He squeezes to hold on and meows to be picked up. He is an absoluite god given gift we LOVE him!

11 months
toys with feathers on them, being held, cuddling, blankets
when people don't show him attention
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, watching his mom cook, watching the birds through the window

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