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Meet Crook

The Unknown
Yadiriny Bonnyville, Alta
Crook is a real gentleman. He is very playful, smart and understands the commands sit and high five without needing to receive treats. He is very active and a very good hunter. Crook and his sister were given away by the last owner when they were 2 years old. Because they grew up together, we decided to adopt both cats. They are attached to each other and enjoy companionship.
3 1/2 Years
Crook likes to play and be petted. He really likes to eat wet food with gravy rather than paté.
Crook doesn't like to share his litter box.
Favorite Foods
Purina: Friskies, Shredded Turkey & Cheese Dinner Cat Food in Gravy 156g Can
Favorite Pastimes
Self-Grooming, chasing birds

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