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Meet Sofie

The Tabby
Tammy Windsor
Sofie is a 2 year old sweet tiny tabby and the baby of our 4 legged family members! She truly is a princess and has a personality that shows it ! Sofie loves hanging out with her dogs Bandit and Beau,but really loves picking on her much bigger tabby brother Chase ! She can be a sassy little girl if she feels she's being left out of something ! Sofie favorite thing to do is to play caps with her human dad every morning ...shes the best goalie! Sofie truly is the sweetie!
Monkey girl (she loves to climb and jump around ) Princess
Sofie likes to keeping busy playing ,I'm sure she has quite the imagination while climbing from level to level on her cat condo tree !
Sofie hates patè ! She also gets a little sassy if anyone gets in her way when she's playing caps in the morning with her Dad!
Favorite Foods
Turkey and ham as a treat !
Favorite Pastimes
Playing ! She loves playing with water bottle caps ,best goalie ever!

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