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Meet Pika

The Flame point siamese
Shannon Hasse Grand Rapids
Pika is definately a princess. She keeps herself very clean and her personality just screams royalty. Pika is always talking and most always I know exactly what she wants, she loves whipped cream and asks for it every time the refrigerator is opens. Pika is a sweet cat with a feisty side One moment she may snuggle up by me in bed, making her soft, tired little mews and later on she may chase me through the house during a game of tag or leap out and scare me in a game of hide n seek
Mama, Ritter, Little Bear
Toy mice, her favorite fuzzy blanket
Loud noises, rain, strangers
Favorite Foods
Whipped cream, bacon, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing hide and go seek

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