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Meet Rhiannon

The Maine Coon
Kacey Charleston SC
Rhiannon is a 2 year old rescue cat. She is the friendliest, calmest cat you will ever meet. She loves getting in her bubble backpack and heading out with Mommy to restaurants and on errands. She loves to be held and has never shyed away from a stranger. My “alien” cat loves bringing toys to Mommy to play fetch and has no problem requesting attention. She loves to snuggle. She is named after the Fleetwood Mac song, but call her Bad Gal RhiRhi when she’s feeling frisky and wants to be chased.
Bad Gal RhiRhi
Playing outside, meeting new people, being chased
Being woken up, having an empty bowl, playing with the puppy
Favorite Foods
Bacon, bagels, tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Fetch, going out with Mommy, eating, talking

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