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Meet Grandma

The calico
Harper McIntyre Minneapolis
Grandma is a one-year old Calico cat. We got about 5 months ago from the humane society where she was found on the street as a stray. We knew she was the one by the way she came out from the corner to see us. She was so sweet the first time we met her and so loving we knew she was ours. When we brought her home she made her self right at home. Since that day she has found a place in our hearts. She loves to play and is very affectionate. Some days she can be a pain but, we still love her.
1 year
Chicken Nugget
People, Soft blankets, Scrunches, dirty socks, and coffee
Dogs, rules, and wet cat food
Favorite Foods
Dry cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Chewing up her toys

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