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Meet Sylvana

The Domestic Shorthair grey tabby
Magalis C Newark
Sylvana is a very loving cat with me, very attached, she purrs 24/7 and sometimes smile, show me affection with her eyes and physically. She loves eating, playing and napping. She is not too keen to visitors since she love quietness and peace. But she loves piano music and watch TV when it attracts her attention. Love to watch pigeons which come to the balcony and sometimes get a little frustrated. She is a little bit scaried of things that sometimes I do not see or find explanation. Sweet cat.
1 year and 8 months
Being pet under chin and ears, sleep with mom, piano music, watch pigeons, treats
Being pet on belly, claws trimming,visitors,other cats, v
Favorite Foods
Sheba, IAMs, Fancy Feast, Purina Indoors dry.
Favorite Pastimes
Play with toys, watch TV, perch on window sill

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