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Meet Buddie

The Rag Doll Cat
Jeanette Spillman Warren, Arkansas
Buddie became part of our family years ago and is very loved by everyone tho at times it seems as if he really doesn't like anyone.
Unknown/Adult Cat
"Bud Bud" or "Buddrick"
Petting of his eats, cat nip, and naps.
His tail to be messed with, loud noises, and storms.
Favorite Foods
Nine Lives, Friskey's, Deli Cat and cooked ham from the oven.
Favorite Pastimes
One time we had a big tree limb fall through our roof and when I got up to see about it, Buddie was army crawling fast because I guess he through a monster was going to get him. The way he was doing it though was too funny.

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