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Meet Lucky

The Mixed-Breed Short Hair Farm Cat
Amy Benigni Meriden, CT
Lucky is a unique and very friendly cat. Her mama was a farm cat and we are not sure who her dad was. Sometimes, we even think she might be part dog. She greets us at the door every day. She follows me around and she's always right next to me. I don't need an alarm because she meows every morning to wake me up. Lucky will be 5 this February and was born on Valentine's day. So, she is very SWEET! My kids named her Lucky because they said they were so lucky get her!
Lucky Luck, Lucky for Life
Lucky likes to play with nail files and loves food, any food.
Loud noises and being alone.
Favorite Foods
Lucky loves Steak
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting at the kitchen counter and snuggling on my lap.

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