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Meet Moby

The Domestic Shorthair Tabby
Nikki Ely Chandler, AZ
Moby is a smart, loving and adventurous cat. He is a brown tabby (Domestic shorthair) with extra black spots on his sides and he has long whiskers. Moby is an avid hunter for bugs, especially Cicadas during July in Arizona. He loves watching birds and tries to catch them, but to no avail. As a kitten, I taught him how to toss a tiny back and forth under a closed door. It took him only a second to know he needs to toss ball back to me. To this day we still play this game.
Bobcat or Mobia
Bugs and birds. Moby and I communicate with our eyes
Any intruder cat who enters yard, which is his domain
Favorite Foods
Blue Wilderness Moist Food and Temptations Snacks
Favorite Pastimes
Hunting for bugs, playing with his sister Cookie, eating and sleeping

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