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Meet Kisu

The Domestic Short Hair, grey tiger stripe
Maria North Haven, Connecticut

Kisu was born in a shelter with 4 bother brothers and sisters May 22, 2017. Her name is actually kitty in Finnish. She's very a curious cat who loves to play. When she came home at 8 weeks, she was just over 1lb, she is now 4.1 lbs. Kisu loves to eat, isn't much of a cuddler during the day/evening, but sleeps right by mine and my husband's heads. Her favorite toys are my hair ties, out of all the toys she has. We love her like no other. :)  

3 months
Meow Meow. Baby cat.
Going in the closet and bathroom when doors open, hair ties, food, smelling food, cuddles - but only after she wakes up or right before bed.
Baths, long hugs, being carried out the front door, being told no.
Favorite Foods
Wet foods are her favorite - trout and chicken in gravy, chicken and salmon
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, playing with hair ties, snacking, jumping up on everything.

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