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Meet Minnoo

The Tortoiseshell
Amina New Brighton
Minnoo is an intelligent and rambunctious kitty! She understands two languages, sings to her teddy bear Pookie at night when no one is around and has a wild imagination. She understands commands to sit, come here, jump, move and will start hiding in her favorite spot as soon as she hears, "Where is Minnoo?" (In two languages!) If you find and tag her, she will run after you, tag you and then go hide in another spot. We love Minnoo to pieces!
Minnoo Pinnoo, Billie, Alouicious
Playing hide and seek, being brushed, massages and playing outside
Baths, being held or getting her nails clipped.
Favorite Foods
Salmon, tuna, chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with her teddy bear "Pookie", guarding the house from intruders, watching birdies through the window, chatting up a storm!

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