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Meet Mirajoy

The Domestic Mixed Tortie
Kathy Robertson Lebanon, OR
Photo caption: Upon realizing the importance of Modern Cat magazine to herself, and especially her mom, Mirajoy promptly put her butt on the magazine and looked at mom. Mirajoy’s daddy went to prison when she was 2 years old and couldn’t keep her. She chose me at a rescue place to be her new mom. I would never have chosen her due to her natural beauty making her easily placed. Usually, I choose blacks cats and do have a second cat, Helena, who is black.
Princess, Lioness
keeping mom on schedule with food, demanding when meow (although she knows and heeds to when appropriate or not with food), ping pong balls, feathers, snuggling with mom at bedtime
Getting her nap disturbed, mom saying no (see anger management), most human food including tuna, salmon, and cheese
Favorite Foods
Solid Gold Fit as a fiddle and most canned food, chicken, turkey
Favorite Pastimes
Getting mom’s attention without touching her (I have strict boundaries around asking for food), unofficial neighborhood watch cat, anger management through chewing on cardboard like corn on the cob

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