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Meet Kature Ernest Stubbs of Yonah Kitty

The Minuet (Persian / Munchkin)
Dillon & Amanda Hutchinson Gainesville, Georgia, USA
Stubbs was born on September 23, 2019. He is what some would call a rug hugger and his long coat is cream / white.
10 1/2 months
Audible stimulants, lots of ear scratches and attention.
Being a lap kitty, the Vet, being in a carrier and being groomed.
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast Ocean Whitefish, Friskies Lobster Mac & Cheese Party Mix
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in the windowsill, sitting on the top level of his cat tree (throne of judgement) and ruling his kingdom, playing with cat toys that jingle!

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