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Meet Bella

Jessica Zanre Ajax
Bella was rescued 15 years ago. I found her trapped inside of a tapped up cardboard box in the middle of the winter. She was left with her brothers and sisters. I fell in love with my Bella as soon as I opened up the cardboard box and I knew right then and there that I had to have her. We’re inseparable, she comes everywhere with me. She’s a proud little mini-me who I love and cherish dearly. She’s my four legged daughter and my best friend️
15 years
Puss-puss, Putt-putt, Ahburr-Meow, Little Princess, Babygirl
Being outside in the sun, watching the birds and chipmunks, bossing her little sister around, playing with her mum and her wands, catnip, cuddles, being picked up, being the centre of mums attention
Any human besides mum, my sister, being told that I cannot go outside, being served something I did not ask for
Favorite Foods
Anything that mum is eating‍️
Favorite Pastimes

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