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Meet Boo

The Moggie (rescue)
Nicola Peterborough
I’m Boo. I’m extra sassy, always get my way, I’m super clever (I can open doors and figure out cat games in seconds). I have an obsession with Dreamies, I often steal them out of the closed tin and open the bag myself to eat them. I am the leader of our Instagram page @boo_and_the_crew along with my sister and brother. I love being a cat model, having my picture taken and being the centre of attention. I also love wearing a bow tie! It’s my signature item
Boogie, Boozinator, Boozicle, Boozecruise, BoozyWoozy
Dreamies, being right (which i always am), getting my own way (which I always do)
Not getting my own way, my brother jumping on my back, when cat mum doesn’t take my picture right (I love being a meowdel!!)
Favorite Foods
DREAMIES!!! I live for Dreamies!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Pastimes
Talking to mum (I literally talk to her and have conversations!)

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