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Meet Mysti

The Mixed
Tiffany Richmond, BC
I got Mysti at Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) almost three years ago as my Christmas present. Her hobbies include trying to eat my homework, going after clothing with lace, flopping into my face in the middle of the night to wake me up, and busting open the bathroom door while we have company over. When I'm sad she cheers me up by kicking my years away, bringing me a toy duck, and attacking my toes. As I type this she is trying to gnaw at my phone so I'll give her attention.
~6 years
Ju-ju, Baby doll, Useless (will answer to all)
Attention, eating homework, greenies treats, eating lace, cuddles under the blankets, attempting to suffocate me, attacking toes, licking tears, and running at me when I come home.
People playing the piano, Christmas, loud noises, my brother(s), and most of my ex-boyfriends.
Favorite Foods
Bacon, greenies treats, homework, lace, and chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Tearing up paper, sleeping, and trying to eat the humans' food.

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