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Meet Stubbinski

The Manx
Cathy Silva Vandalia, IL

Stubbinski-Stubbi is @ 5 yrs old rescue  Lives with me & 7other cats& has @ 1/3tail & when excited it spins @ like a helicopter blade! He is "lion-tamer" to our foster kitten Nebula. He loves to play & run up n down the hall & cat trees. He isvery photogenic. He traveled to visit my Mom everyday in the window of the car to see what's up. He loves Halloween  but is scared of trick-or-treaters except thru window

Chicken Temptations-would stand on his nose for them
Anyone taking his spot on me or beside me at night. Won't touch people food!
Favorite Foods
Temptations-chicken flavor only
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds at the feeders. Or squirrels at patio door

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