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Meet Ophelia

The American Shorthair
Aly Los Angeles, CA

I am an outdoor-turned-indoor cat. I have a broken tail, and no one knows how I got it! The doctors say I am healthy, though, and it doesn't stop me from living life to the fullest! I am playful, cuddly, and adventurous. I am attached to my owner's heel when she's home, and occasionally I nap on her head. I am definitely spoiled, and my owner loves me very much.

Ofi, Oph the Loaf, Oph
Wand toys, any kind of treats, open windows, sunshine, water, following my owner into the bathroom and talking to my owner.
Anything that's not a wand toy, when my owner plays the ukulele, blueberries and my harness.
Favorite Foods
Turkey chili, chicken, bananas, cucumbers, strawberries, and french fries (from McDonald's).
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with my owner, getting into cabinets, playing with the toilet paper/paper towels, sleeping on my owner's important papers, and running away from my owner when it's time for bed.

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