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Meet Junior and Billy

The Tabby
Alexis Shawnee

Junior is a very entergetic cat he loves to play and play with his lazy freind, Billy. Billy is very lazy and does not like junior very much but they still do things together in the photo they both are looking out the window cause that's what they really like to do.

Junior is about 1 in human years and Billy is about 4
Junior is called jujubee and Billy is sometimes called burlar
Junior likes to rub against things and play with the little pompom balls Billy likes to sleep and loves attention.
They both hate getting picked up but junior is kinda used to it but still hates it.
Favorite Foods
Junior likes gold fish and Billy like to eat cheese dip and his food that he usual eats
Favorite Pastimes
Billy likes sleeping and junior like to hide from everyone until we get home

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