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Meet Sir William Shakespeare and Violet MacBeth

The Domestic short hair tabby/lynx and domestic short hair tuxedo
Shannon Lee Fairdale, IL USA
These two came as a package deal. They both showed up one evening in 2012 in our yard as small, very sick kittens. They went through an EF4 tornado in April 2015 that nearly took Shakespeare's life. Violet rode out the storm under our deck in the basement window well. Shakespeare was found, badly beaten up and clinging to life by a feline rescue volunteer group. They took him to the vet at 3am. They saved his life!!!! Sadly, July 10 of this year, Violet crossed the rainbow bridge.
Shakespeare and Sissy
Sleeping and eating, loves and getting groomed, drinking rainwater and bringing mom presents
An empty food bowl and storms
Favorite Foods
Crab mixed with mayo and butter
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping and loving on each other

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