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Meet Squash

The Calico main coon mix
Kathleen Stanley Toronto

Squash is a funny, super cuddly and chatty cat. She perfectly aligns herself on top of my while I sleep on my side, which is not easy for a big kitty like her. Squash and Kathleen actually have the exact same birthdays! She has a weird love for licking the faucet while there is no water running, and she likes to wear my clothes that hang in my closet as she sleeps. She's also really good at punching me in the face when I don't get up to my alarm in the morning!

Squishy bear, squashinator, monkey, clutz, suck
Empty faucets, punching, eating, staring, waiting patiently at the counter stool for her food
Showers, vacuums, nail trims, brushing teeth, alcohol
Favorite Foods
Boiled chicken + squash
Favorite Pastimes

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