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Meet Snowball

The Turkish Angora/Siamese mix
Erin T. Aardvark Germantown, MD

Snowball was adopted at her human's local animal shelter in 2007, when she was two months old. Like all cats, she can be a holy terror, but she can also be the sweetest little thing when she wants to be. Her favorite spot for sleeping is next to her human "Mom-mee," or if her "mom-mee" isn't available, she'll take a quick catnap in a full laundry basket (whether the laundry is clean or not).

8 years
Boo, Kittykins, Babykins, Snowy, The Quheeeeeen, Little Girl
Food, attention, her human's Care Bear toy, her human's bed, and "Top Cat" cartoons
When her human picks her up off the bed, and "Scooby Doo" cartoons
Favorite Foods
An easier question would be what ISN'T her favorite food!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing with her human's hands and feet

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