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Meet Kiika (pronounced Keeka)

The Domestic Shorthair
Shawn Bashary Temecula, CA

Kiika is a beautiful cat, torby in color I've been told by one vet (tabby stripes in the colored part of her fur). She is shy with new people but eventually comes around to them. Although devoted to me, she does interact with other family members well. Kiika is strictly an indoor cat because of the coyote population in the area. She has been outdoors on a harness in a fenced yard a time or two in the past, which went fairly well. She is a great cat and we love her very much!

5 years
Girl Kitty, The Kiik, Kiikers
playing, running through the house a breakneck speed, napping
riding in the car, going to the vet
Favorite Foods
Science Diet Adult Light dry cat food
Favorite Pastimes
lounging/sleeping in son's bed, stalking my son in play

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