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Meet Pippin

The American Shorthair
Ashlee & Mike Buffalo, NY

We adopted two little brothers in August 2015.  This picture was taken about a week after we picked them up.  I can't believe how much they have both grown since August!  Pippin is our introvert, but always thinking.  He lets his brother jump in first to see if its ok.  He loves to snuggle at night and sit in the window in the shower when the water is running. This is one of the first moments of realization of how much he loves running water! 

7 months
Pip, Pippin Cat, Pippy
Feathers, treats, cat nip, snuggles, running water, visitors, escaping, butt/back scratches
Vacuum, loud noises, being held too long
Favorite Foods
treats, seafood, bacon
Favorite Pastimes
Exploring the counter, Sleeping under the Christmas tree, sitting in the shower window watching the water, wrestling with Merry, watching animals on tv

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