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The not sure

Mooaey is one of a kind lady! She is the boss of the cats but really she is timid of them as she is older. She is a tad over weight & we love her that way, adds to her quirkness.We resued her & her sister when they were 3, they have been very sick cats, she can't meow but gets her point across. She doesn't hang at the foot of the bed no she is queen of 'moved your head that's my pillow'. Grumpy Cat has nothing on Mooseys facial expression she! 

Moosey, Mooster
Sleeping, Finding cozy crazy places to sleep, being center of attention
Being moved while sleeping, being picked up, our male cat,
Favorite Foods
Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cat Treats
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, Sleeping in odd places, Sleeping on top of out heads

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