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Meet Dieter Von Acker

The Siamese Tabby Mix
Eileen and Dan Acker Novato, CA

Dieter is a beautiful and curious little guy. He was meowing to go outside right away; so I started walking with him around our complex without a leash. He is like a toddler and gets distracted smelling a flower or chasing a bee. The neighbors all love Dieter. He climbs trees and flirts with the female cat who is stuck on her patio next door. We adore him and everyone comments on how beautiful he is. Dieter is like Bambi, Thumper, and Flower all in one littel beatutiful suit.

7 months
Playing in the bushes, catch me and chasing flys.
Coming back inside and loud noises.
Favorite Foods
Grilled turkey
Favorite Pastimes
Playing running jumping and eating.

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